Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Deep Reading

*the act of focusing mind energy into art*

You may or may not know what a stereo image actually is, heck the only reason I know is from my dad who was a geologist for 30+ years...  I'm still not sure exactly how to explain it, but I'll try:  Two images set side-by-side that are essentially the same image but taken from slightly opposing angles, when a person looks at both images from a particular distance they form one image that has depth/dimension to it.  (Wiki Stereogram for a better definition)

With my artwork, I hope to achieve a depth that stems from using this "stereo" concept in an "abstract" sense...  The images and ideas coming from both hemispheres of my brain intersecting and materializing into one physical piece of art for you to enjoy!


I Google searched "stereo abstract" and I found some interesting things, the term has definitely been used before, not frequently but it's out there!  The coolest thing I found has more to do with the creation of hybrid images based on math and positions and texture, which is pretty interesting...  If you have time, please read/browse this report written by two students from the University of Minnesota, Electric and Computer Engineering Department, entitled Non-Photorealistic Rendering from Stereo.  It's not as boring as it sounds!

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