My first memory of artistic influence came from my father, taking me to art supply stores; buying strange papers, acrylic paints, and glue...  We would tear the paper into different shapes and dip the edges in the paints, we glued them together to make objects, and we put them in picture frames.  I'm not sure if it was his attempt at being an interior decorator or influencing the way I saw the world, but I know the latter is true for me.

I grew up in a home full of intricate African sculptures, paintings of various origins on the walls, carpentry tools, volcanic rocks, topographic maps, colored pencils, food, and my loving parents.  My favorite picture I remember as a child was a poster in my parents bathroom by Marc Chagall.  A print in my father's office by Robert Gwathmey is also strong in my memory...  I don't know how much either one of these artists have influenced me, but I have seen countless works of art along with things that may or may not be considered art that I love and appreciate.

My name is Harrison.  I started painting in 2005, I started drawing and creating in 1984, I took my first breath in 1981.  In my work I search for subconscious rhythms, combinations of visual expressions which I hope will translate into something original. I use multiple mediums in my works, I apply them to wood, canvas, metal, glass, and paper.  I am not formally trained in art, I have gained my creativity through my experiences, and I am inspired by everything I see.