Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Found Paper on Skate Deck

It's been about 5 years since the last time I participated in a Shoe Shine event... I was indecisive on the visual content I wanted to create, I started with paint and texture, but I ended up with a paper collage. All of the paper I used consists of ad posters and security envelopes.
I reclaimed all of the ad posters from walls around town... The ad posters get tagged with graffiti, the city paints over the tags with a soothing shade of beige, and I take it off the wall. I try to let some colors of posters' past show through during my removal, which is also what I try to do with my re-creation, I give them new life. New life and no advertising value, I read a quote somewhere that I can't recall now, but it compliments the idea of creation without an audience.

I have made a handful of "found paper" collages that I really haven't spotlighted too much. I'm still working on making them more impactful in person, I think I need more topography, more paper...