Sunday, July 22, 2012

Perpetual circle of creation...

It's been hard for me to get motivated to do my personal artwork, I know everyone has their own pace and schedule and responsibilities outside of art, but I feel like I should be producing more... It has been months since I've felt the interest to create anything new. I think part of that is due to my studio space and it's quirks. A lot of weird things have happened there which are completely beyond my control, since then the vibe hasn't been the same and I've lost my drive... I'm currently searching (with my studio mates) for a new space to reclaim my artistic sanity, right now things are a struggle.
I have been working a bit with Delton on one of his projects for Breckenridge Brewery, just a little woodwork and laser etching but I enjoy helping with technical parts of gigs, plus lasers are fun!

On other fronts, my day work is going great. I've been staying happy and productive at Demiurge, we are still doing "nail birds" along with other artists' projects around the country.

Work with my fabrication partner, Brian, is going well. We have completed our railing project for Common Grounds Coffee, a set of stair stringers for a private residence, a sign package for an office building in the Denver Tech Center, and another sign package for a new food establishment on 15th and Platte called eat+drink...

Oh yeah, we made a few things for the cooks at the new Squeaky Bean also!

Future things have almost become the present... Last week was the groundbreaking ceremony on the GreenBox property at 3310 Brighton Blvd, a Focus Propery Group project. That is where our 60ft public art wall will be installed! We had a chance to speak to the developers and contractors involved on the project, and we brought a sample of what our wall will look like and do...

Hard hats and neon vests were abundant, along with coffee and bagels... We can't wait to fabricate and install this piece!


So overall my productivity has been up, but I need more improvisational creation in the mix... I'm thankful for everything I have going for me right now, so I'll just keep pushing forward-