Sunday, May 6, 2012


Hello folks! long time no see? I've been active online (mainly twitter), but blogging can be a pain sometimes... But my friends have been telling me it's time for an update.

First things first, I got a jobby job working at Demiurge, which some of you may or may not be familiar with. It's a sculptural metal fabrication outfit that has done some pretty awesome work in their days... I was hired during the second production of "nail birds" for New York artist, Will Ryman, and for my first month on the job I spent my days preparing thousands of nails for the bird. Here's me learning how to TIG weld...

 I don't think I have permission to post photos of what I do exactly but please feel free to do some research. It's really nice to work on art of this scale, although it's not mine with my name on it, this kind of creation keeps me satisfied during the day.

My studio (Studio 72!) mates and I made the decision it was time to get a bigger space in March. We stayed in the Wazee Union building, tripled our square footage, and have stayed extremely busy! Please come visit us on May 12th for our monthly Second Saturday's open studio night, we will have new work on display from Delton Demarest, Karma Leigh, Alexi High, Dan Castillo, Alex Tischner (no link), and myself.

I sold another large painting in Feb/March, one of the paintings (The Traveler) I originally created for the Rackhouse Pub when they opened their doors. "Beneath the Surface" which I previously thought had sold at the Heart Art Auction, did not sell because nobody paid for it at the end of the night... So that is still in my possession.
The Traveler

I created 10 new pieces for an April show at the Yellow Feather Coffee shop on Santa Fe. None of them caught anyones fancy, but I blame it on the lighting... I really just think the pieces were the wrong color for the walls.

@ Yellow Feather

Luckily I have a May show at The Laughing Latte which has different color walls and different lighting that are more complementary to the same work. I hate to recycle my pieces so quickly, but if they get seen more it can't be bad! I did begin working on a new series that was originally meant for Laughing Latte, but I found myself running into the same situation with wall colors not completenting the art and vice versa... I think I will start researching wall colors before creating art for a space to avoid this in the future. I feel color is more important to my work because it is abstract and not imediately accepted or relatable or whatever makes less abstract portraits fit in more places. I felt bad at first that I couldn't hang my newest piece up, but the fact is it was simply wrong for the environment, and I think it would disrupt their business.

Progress photo of the latest.  Acrylic, aerosol, and oil pastel on wood. (found object)

Cast iron border. (found object)

I showed it to a boutique in LoHi that was very interested to have it, and I posted photos on my FB page, and I'm pretty sure I sold it to one of my friends over the phone today!

The public art project (wall thing) that my fabrication partner (Brian) and I landed is beginning to pick up a bit of steam. We are working up color samples and material samples that will be used in the fabrication of the wall, they need to be presented to the client and to the city for approval and probably permitting. More on that when it goes down!

I have been busy making signs and fabricating other cool stuff with Brian, our latest clients are DVSN West, The Pour House, Rackhouse Pub, Arts Street, Go Lite, and AIS Industrial & Construction Supply... Please visit our website to see some of our older work: Monolith Fabrication Studio

Painted logo graphics on brick.

Other updates? I think my son may become a sculptor... After he's done conquering the world, of course! he likes to make things out of my scraps, pretty amazing things, so look out for him- 
Rusted steel and glass. 2"x2"x1/4" (found objects)

Thanks for visiting and sorry for the hiatus!